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Superfoods Benefits For Increasing Energy Endurance

Green Superfoods Linked to Improved Health
Superfoods are rich sources of essential nutrients the body needs to function properly. Diets rich in whole grains in combination with dark green and brightly colored vegetables have been proven to lower cholesterol, reduce cancer risks and prevent obesity.  

We are all becoming more aware of the importance of adding more fresh vegetables to our diets.  Due to the great concern over the horticulture growing process many individuals are now seeking organically grown produce free from pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Depleted soils lacking minerals have reduced nutritional value in products commonly purchased in local supermarkets.

Organic foods are carefully grown and harvested for maximum nutritional value including amino acids, minerals, and vitamin concentrations.

Consumers are now reaching out to broaden their superfood uptake by eating barely greens, chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts to their diet.  

Superfoods can actually change your life

Superfood Tips

  • Add Organic Dark Green Vegetables to diet
  • Consume Brightly colored fruits and vegetables
  • Add superfoods to smoothies, recipes, sandwiches, and desserts
  • Eat 5 servings of organic vegetables per day
  • Grow sprouts and grasses for fresh nutritional support
  • Eliminate foods high in sugar, salt, fried, or processed
  • Purchase organic produce whenever possible.

These micro nutrients are more concentrated and potent compared to other foods, providing you with a natural energy boost without the use of stimulants.

Find strategies for adding more nutrient dense ingredients in your diet for maximizing energy levels.  Lose weight simply by eliminating processed and refined foods.  

Vital Micro Nutrients Leads To Weight Loss
Consuming superfoods is the best way to enhance total body health and prevent a disease from forming in the body.  They have a synergistic effect on the immune system providing a sense of well being both emotionally and physically.


Alfalfa rich in minerals is one of the worlds greatest sources of superfoods.  Pulling up nutrients from soil depths as great as 130 feet.

Mineral constituents of liquid chlorophyll an of balance chemicals almost identical to human hemoglobin- a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood.  

Alfalfa is used therapeutically to treat cancer, intestinal disorders, liver problems, body and breath odors, skin disorders and arthritis.  

Boost energy with this amazing superfood supplying your body with natural minerals and vitamins.  Alfalfa is rich in chlorophyll, protein, calcium, carotene and vitamin B, Vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E.  

Sprouting alfalfa seeds is the process of germinating seeds for food consumption.  Using a seed sprouter or a common jar and water is all you need to get started.  

Sprouting seeds only takes 3 or 4 days to germinate however the seeds must be rinsed regularly to avoid accumulation of products of decay organisms.

How To Sprout Seeds For Micro Superfoods
Adding more superfoods in your diet is a cinch by adding sprouts to salads, smoothies, sandwiches or as a healthy snack. Follow the process below to create your own sprouts.  Choose the seeds you want to germinate.

Note: 1 tablespoon of seeds will yield 3 full cups of sprouts

1.) How to soak grains, seeds, beans, and nuts 
2.) Place 1 tablespoon seeds of choice in a clear mason jar or glass bowl. Cover the seeds with warm filtered water. 2 to 1 ratio.  Allow the seeds to sit in the warm water for a few hours in a dark location.

Note:  Keep jar or bowl and hands clean and sanitary to prevent delamination of the product.

3.) Rince the seeds thoroughly to drain once per day for 3 days.  Place the seeds back in a clean dark cardboard to sprout.
4.) Rinse the sprouts thoroughly.  Use Immediately in soups, stews, smoothies, sandwiches and favorite recipes for adding more superfoods to your diet.  Combine different seeds for unique flavors.

Wheat Grass
Wheat grass is considered to have great curative powers for degenerative or incurable diseases.  Studies show the health benefits of consuming wheat grass offer added supplemental nutrition.

Wheat grass is allowed to grow longer than malt.  This powerful superfood contains concentrated amounts of chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and important vitamins the body needs to sustain good health.

It is available in frozen juice bars, tablets herbal supplement, powders, or grown fresh at home.  

Wheat grass is available commercially as a topical gel, cream, spray or massage lotion. 


How To Grow Wheat Grass at Home
Wheat grass has tremendous concentrated vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  Both people and animals can benefit from eating more of this amazing superfood. 

 Try growing your own wheat grass at home for added nutritional support.  for this project use clean food safe trays or garden containers specifically for food products.

Follow the steps below to grow fresh organic wheat grass.
1.) Wash and dry food safe container
2.) Place the desired amount of wheat grass seeds in a clean cup.  Cover the seeds with filtered water.  Soak the seeds for 12 hours.
3.) Drain the seeds in a sieve to remove all the water.  The seeds will start to germinate making this process faster.
4.) Fill your planting container with food grade organic soil.
5.) Gentilly sprinkle the drained seeds all over the soil to cover the entire surface.
6.) Water twice per day using a spray mister to keep the seeds moist.
7.) According to seed germination process leave the seeds in a well luminous location with good ventilation.
8.) Allow the seeds to grow for 10 days.  

Cut fresh organic wheat grass for delicious smoothies or add this superfood to your favorite recipes.

Top List of Superfoods
Add these fantastic foods to your shopping list for enhanced nutritional support.  Lose weight by feeling more energized throughout your day.  Find most seeds online for sprouting or at your local health food retailer and grocery store.

  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Green and blue Algae- Photo-plankton
  • Alfalfa
  • Wheat Grass
  • Barley grass
  • Broccoli & broccoli sprouts
  • Nuts-Almonds, flax seed, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cashews, chia seeds
  • Beets
  • Dark Green Vegetables- Organic kale, chard, peas, spinach
  • Brightly colored vegetables, red peppers, carrots, squash
  • Salmon
Adding these amazing superfoods in your favorite dishes will give your body more strength combined with increased energy for better productivity.

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