Sunday, July 25, 2021

Healthy Lifestyle Solutions

Mindful Intentions Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle habits establish mindful intentions creating a specific way of life that may lead to positive change. Simple behavioral changes may have a profound effect on a person's life expectancy balancing diet with regular exercise to achieve physical wellness. Each year millions of Americans are determined to embrace good eating habits with enthusiasm with the goal of managing weight.

Among adults, the sense of being unhealthy is especially strong with nearly 70 percent of adults under the age of 36 reports they could be healthier. There is continued debate over the exact cause of obesity 48 percent of Americans believe poor diet and lack of regular exercise are major contributors to gaining weight.  Journaling is found to be an effective method for creating a plan of action listing personal daily life goals that are easy to attain.

Americans continue to persevere during the pandemic and take extra precautions to adhere to state and local guidelines to ensure public safety. As we transition in 2021 the Covid- 19 pandemic continues to affect every area of our lives. For many people, this health crisis has created a wide range of unique challenges impacting food access, disruptions in income, and emotional distress.

Establishing healthy lifestyle rituals promote overall wellness focus on identifying specific behaviors that need to be changed then set targeted goals strategies intending to put a plan into action. Initiating self-motivation disposition of the mind begins a journey of discovery finding solutions for living a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Life Plan of Action

Daily life systematically prioritizes tasks according to importance structures a plan of action for completion within a specified timeframe. The goal of time management is to reduce distractions, finding reliable methods to complete tasks on a flexible schedule and ultimately balance workflow in all activities to promote healthy lifestyle living.  Expecting the unexpected planning ahead is crucial, striking a balance in preparedness as a continual state of readiness. Flexibility is key in responding to changes in the workforce environment adapting relativities quickly to external circumstances.

Diet Healthy Lifestyle

Eating a whole foods diet establishing new healthy lifestyle habits can reduce the risks associated with obesity may increase longevity. Changing behavioral habits is scientifically proven to be effective for losing weight eating whole unprocessed foods high in nutrition reduces appetite. Weight gain is a serious costly disease affecting millions of people in the United States. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise is key to achieving and maintaining weight throughout life. 

Exercise Healthy Lifestyle

Walking can dramatically improve overall health as a type of cardiovascular conditioning, a process where the heart, lungs are trained to pump blood more efficiently allowing more oxygen to be delivered to organs and muscles. Half of Americans living in the United States 117 million adults have one or more preventable chronic diseases including 80 percent of individuals failing to meet key exercise guidelines. 

Individuals living a sedentary lifestyle lacking regular physical activities has generated an estimated 117 billion in annual health care costs leading to 10 percent premature deaths. Over 145 million people enjoy walking activities as part of an active lifestyle. Studies suggest the average person walks 65,000 miles equivalent to walking around the earth three times. 

In their lifetime physical activity generating aerobic energy performed at low or high-intensity intervals is an effective workout. Walking exercise is designed to be low in intensity enough to turn all carbohydrates into energy mitochondrial ATP production that relies on oxygen for the metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins.

Walking outdoors once per day for 30-60 minutes can be an invigorating fitness activity that promotes healthy lifestyle living to tone the entire body. Fitness enthusiasts enjoy many types of regular exercise for managing weight like yoga, walking, jogging, cycling and hiking in nearby parks and recreational facilities.


Patricia Lynn

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