Sunday, May 22, 2022

Ideal Vegetable Garden Ideas

DIY Vegetable Garden
Vegetable gardens are popular among people across the globe planted for sustenance and providing an array of nutritious foods. DIY projects are prevalent in 2022 as gardening enthusiasts discover the joy of growing their own produce as a natural stress reliever. The gardening products industry with a market size value of 83,3 billion U.S.dollars in 2020 projected revenue forecast of 102.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2025. Vegetarian gardeners are participating in gardening activities of all types to improve personal health by consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. According to The National Gardening Association Executive Director Dave Whitinger "Taken together the surveys paint a full picture of the current bloom in gardening and possible analysis of future trends. While the gardening industry can expect another strong year as the nation emerges from the pandemic there are clouds in the gardening horizon.”

Gardening participation has significantly increased with 18.3 million new gardeners documented in 2020 as Veteran gardeners are also gardening more and gardeners of all types are participating in more gardening activities. The growth in flower gardening, landscaping borders or using flower pots to showcase their favorite blooms has grown exponentially. A strong surge in food gardening makes eating healthier easier in 2022 growing exactly what you want while connecting with nature outdoors. Start a vegetable garden by choosing a sunny location on your property suited for planting and growing your garden from scratch. Layout your garden on paper drawing the dimensions of your garden space using a ruler to indicate the width and length of your garden. Determine what plants you want to grow, create a list to help visualize your vegetable garden in advance, selecting plant varieties for consumption like corn, potatoes, beans, beets, pumpkins, cabbage, kale, spinach, lettuce greens, onions, garlic, herbs and tomatoes.

A study by Bioversity International Scientists in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations revealed a total of 1,097 vegetable species providing a great variety of uses and growth forms cultivated worldwide. Still, we are only familiar with 7 percent of these species. Vegetable gardens can be planted directly in tilled amended soil or planted above ground in a wood-raised garden bed keeping in mind the form and function of the garden. Wayfair Cisbrorough 8ft x 2ft Wood Raised Garden Bed by Arlmont & Co. is the perfect solution for a small vegetable garden suited for any location in your garden space retails for 139.99 each. Raised gardens can be aligned in your garden space 3 or more in a row leaving a two feet space in between each garden box leaving plenty of room to walk around each section. Raised garden supplies are available at most hardware stores across the US and online in 2022.

Building a raised garden system makes it easy to grow flowers and vegetables with fewer weeds, better water retention and drainage including warmer soil for the extended growing season. The straight forward trim detail in a raised garden bed covers a side piece end grain and reinforces the corners for a clean functional look. When finished with your project the bottom of your raised garden bed should be stapled with landscaping fabric to keep your soil in place. The best soil suitable for a vegetable garden includes lots of compost and organic matter including composted leaves and ground or shredded aged bark. Whatever you are starting with, incorporate enough organic material so that the amended soil is neigher sandy or compacted, resembling mixed organic matter with the ability to support rooted plants in a natural environment. Gardening supplies including seeds, soil, compost and starter plants can be purchased at any garden center, hardware store or online.

Sow, grow and harvest with Burpee seeds for your vegetable garden which offers a broad range of novel and traditional vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, perennials, and quality gardening supplies. Generations of customers have relied on Burpee To deliver the highest quality products,and service. Vegetable gardens can vary in scale of size suited to personal preferences grown to enrich any healthy diet in 2022 for the sheer enjoyment of gardening. As the garden grows, so do you!
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