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Beauty From The Inside Out Accentuate Who You Are


Improve Appearance Naturally
Beauty trends have commonality changed over the years due to new product development in products designed to improve the appearance of skin and hair.  Clinical nutritionists incorporate primary scientific fields in dietetics and nutrition with the aim to balance a person's energy balanced using sufficient amounts of protein, minerals, and vitamins to promote good health.      

According to The American Dietetic Association, nutritional status of a client can directly affect the overall health of a person may recommend a physical analysis treatment using supplements, healthy dietary choices, and counseling for new lifestyle changes to reach goals.

You are what you eat according to recent studies according to the National Library of Medicine. Most people obtain nutrients from foods consumed their bodies require to build and repair strong bodies from the inside out.  Unfortunately, there are circumstances including disease, stress, insomnia, poor dietary choices that may prevent the body from absorbing sufficient dietary nutrients. (1.)

Damaging Effects of Poor Health
Common causes of aging can be attributed to free radical damage environmental factors, pollutants, liver exhaustion, dehydration, hormone depletion, stress, poor diet and too much tobacco may lead to poor health and physical appearance.

Free radicals are toxic byproducts that can adversely affect biological molecules resulting in oxidative stress leading to aging and chronic diseases. The minerals and vitamins consumed in from nutritious foods and supplements can counteract oxidative stress with antioxidants.

Fortunately, there are natural methods including food therapy bodywork anyone can incorporate into their daily routine to improve beauty from the inside out.  The diet should include plenty of antioxidant-rich foods fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains to fight free radical damage.

Promote Good Habits To Rejuvenate
Rejuvenate body from the inside out with a diet rich in antioxidants promoting beauty, and heart health. Lower your risks to infections and serious disease eating foods rich in powerful antioxidants that are compounds that inhibit oxidative stress in cells ultimately protecting the body from damage.

Drinking Water Benefits Total Body Health preventing loss of fluids in the skin and body tissues.  Dehydration is a deficit of body water accompanying disruption in the natural metabolic process. Studies indicate to function properly the body requires between one and seven liters 0.22 and 1.54 imp gallons and 1.85 US gallons per day to avoid dehydration.

Promote beauty drinking sucificient amounts of pure filtered water staying hydrated boosting physical performance.

Increase natural antioxidants in the body consuming plenty of vegetable proteins including whole grains, seafoods, soy, sprouts, cruciferous vegetables, foods rich in beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, broccoli, carrots, and sea vegetables.
Express Yourself With Cosmetics
Experts in dermatology suggest your skin directly reflects your health from the inside out. A diet comprised of nutritious food restores the body physically and mentally rejuvenating beauty naturally using a combination of diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques.  

Nicole Richie popular American fashion designer media socialite collaborated Urban Decay a cosmetics brand of makeup headquartered in Newport Beach California.  The collection focuses on luxurious makeup designed to accentuate who you do not change into somebody else.  

The Palette includes a set of 12 eyeshadows in matt, neutral and metallic earth tones highly pigmented earthy tones designed to give you professional glowing results.   

The collection has expanded to include new eye shadow pallets, synthetic brushes other cosmetics including foundations, concealers, blushes and makeup tools for easy application.  What’s wrong with a little sparkle in your life?

In 2009 the coalition of Consumer Information of Cosmetics approved   Urban Decay and the people of ethical treatment of animals. PETA an American animal rights organization awarded the company with the fifth Best Cruelty Free Cosmetics line.

Urban Decay Cosmetics has been in business for over 20 years appealing to women who embrace their individual beauty and express it through a wide variety of eyeshadows including palette shades of colors, award winning eyeliners, makeup sprays and smudge proof mascaras designed to accentuate your outer beauty.   
My Fitness App Diet & Exercise Promote Good Health
Physical exercise is vital for both men and women in maintaining physical fitness that can contribute to healthy weight, regulating hormones. Building and maintaining bone density, building muscle strength and joint mobility in people of all ages promoting inner and outer beauty. 

Customize a physical fitness plan with the Jillian Michaels App designed to promote muscle strength and boost metabolism to burn off more calories safely and effectively, choosing from over 800 exercises.  

Personalize your fitness plan with an infinite variety of interactive workouts for individuals of all fitness levels syncing workouts with health level for best results.

For more information Let Jillian be your trainer using the FREE 7 Day Trial Jillian Michaels Diet and Fitness App.  Click Here for more details.  Discover how you can tone and tighten your entire body using the personalized fitness plan in combination with a low calorie diet for weight loss management success.

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Natural Flu Remedies Treatment Prevention Combating Cough Cold Fever


Treat Cough Cold And Flu Naturally
Flu symptoms can be caused by a mild to severe illness may lead to death if untreated. Influenza also referred to as the flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by flu viruses. The flu is different from a cold. Symptoms of flu may come on quickly leading to fever, chills, sore throat, muscle aches, and congestion.

Each year people in the United States possibly face a significant health burden due to the flu virus and may consider self-treatment or medical care solutions for treating flu symptoms.

According to the CDC Center Of Disease Control new data indicates estimates 2.9 million to 3.5 million people have gone to the doctor due to Flu Like symptoms.  Research indicates 64,000 to 84,000 people have been hospitalized due to the flu. Estimates are progressive and updated over the course of the annual flu season tracking the seriousness of the illness. (1.)  

It is important to mentation not everyone with the flu will have a fever and all precautions should be taken when treating the flu.  Seek medical advice from your healthcare professional if you or someone else is experiencing Flu symptoms for a coordinated effort to combat the flu between you and your doctor.

The CDC Center of Disease Control continues to recommend the flu vaccination as the best way to reduce serious complications to children including death risks associated with the flu virus.  

Individuals who are very sick with Flu Like symptoms or at high risk of complications due to flu should seek medical treatment from their healthcare provider at early onset of the illness for possible treatment of a flu antiviral drug.

Natural treatments for combating flu symptoms may be an effective shortening the duration of the flu.  Most people who get the flu often recover within a few days up to two weeks however some people will develop serious complications including pneumonia may occur. (2.)
Flu Symptoms
  • Fever, chills
  • Muscle aches
  • Congestion
  • Sore Throat
Natural Alternatives For Treating The Flu
Flu like symptom relief with Homeopathic Medicine and diet may be effective in reducing the duration of the flu.  Oscillococcinum is a common homeopathic medication used to treat flu symptoms including, body aches, headache, fever, chills, and fatigue. 

Oscillococcinum is a non- drowsy formula with no known drug interactions helping your body heal naturally reducing the duration and severity of symptoms. 

Homeopathic Medicine is used by 500 million people worldwide are compelling facts that can not be ignored.  Studies indicate 95% of French dermatologists, pediatricians, and general practitioners use homeopathy for their patients. 

Studies suggest taking Oscillococcinum on the onset of flu to reduce the duration and severity of symptoms. Homeopathic medicine can be found online, Walgreens and CVS may effectively treat or reduce the duration of flu symptoms naturally.
Stay Hydrated With Electrolytes
Electrolytes are vital for bodily functions and can be lost due to sweating during exercise or illness with a loss of potassium and sodium.  The concentration of electrolytes can also be depleted due to rapid loss of fluid from bouts of vomiting and diarrhea in conjunction with the flu.

Replenish fluid electrolytes using specific sports drinks that include specific vitamins and electrolytes designated to hydrate and nourish the body.  

Powerade Ion4 advanced sports formula contains essential vitamins B3, B6, and B12 is an excellent source of fluid replenishment. When you have a fever it is important to stay hydrated drinking plenty of fluids using fortified sports drinks with electrolytes.

Propel grape water beverage mix with electrolytes vitamin C and E is available online.  Find great sports drinks packed with vitamins and vital electrolytes at your local grocery or drug store to stay hydrated while fighting the flu. 

For more information on losing weight and good health, get your FREE copy of detailed content on Weight Loss Diet Tips.  There you will discover the secrets to losing weight using proven strategies taught by experts who know how to get results using the latest diet and fitness information available.  Click Here for more details.

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Stretching Benefits Promotes Increased Flexibility Performance

Increase Performance Stretching
Stretching is commonly used as a form of exercise in which tendons and muscles are deliberately extended to stretch, flex muscles in order to increase muscular flexibility.

Typically muscle soreness can be caused by many factors including injury, physical inactivity and scarring resulting in a decrease of physical performance.  Inactive muscles can become shortened through postural changes leading to an imbalance in range of motion and strength. Fortunately, stretching can regenerate muscle tissue with low impact movements designed to improve physical function.

Powerful yoga poses designed for weight loss success using a sequence of moves targeting each muscle group. Stretching benefits the entire body increasing the metabolism to burn calories safely and effectively while building lean muscle mass while burning off fat. Tone the entire body using a series of stretches or yoga poses increasing flexibility, physical performance.

Studies indicate stretching on a regular basis can reduce risks to injuries due to improved muscular function, increased flexibility and a full range of motion while boosting energy.

Stretching is typically used by athletes, patients in rehabilitation and older adults who want to gain strength, flexibility and muscular stability is now commonly used by children and adults who want to improve physical performance.

Yoga exercise has become a popular form of stretching benefiting the entire body from the inside out increasing physical performance using a series of poses to promote total body wellness. 

Each yoga pose is designed to build muscle while burning off fat by increasing the metabolism to work more effectively. Building strong muscle fibers while stretching will boost endurance levels toning the entire body with simple stretches.  Flexible muscles reduce risk to injuries promoting physical strength making everyday activities easier on the body.
Yoga Low Impact Stretching Workout
Stretching is considered a low impact exercise that can increase blood flow circulation to muscles and organs using a series of combined exercises using a combination of yoga poses. 

The exercises are accomplished at any location at home or at the gym without any equipment. Slow deliberate movements designed to stretch and elongate specific muscle groups enhance flexibility through a series of stretches.  (1.)
Yoga Stretches Tone The Body
The origins of yoga development have been speculated to date back to approximately 5,000 years ago as a series of targeted poses. Historically the yoga practice was created by yoga masters a system of practices designed to rejuvenate and prolong life, embracing the physical body as a means of spiritual enlightenment.

Yoga weight loss strategies may transform your entire body from fab to fit. Slow deliberate movements designed to stretch and elongate specific muscle groups enhance flexibility through a series of yoga stretches.

According to the Mayo Clinic three types of stretching increase physical performance, flexibility, a full range of motion reducing the risks associated with injuries. Stretching keeps muscle fibers healthy strong and flexibility increasing oxygen to the entire body by improving circulation boosting energy levels. (2.) 

Studies suggest people who stretch or practice yoga 3 times per week increase metabolism to burn off fat safely and effectively.  

Enhance muscular coordination through a series of poses designed to stabilize and strengthen each muscle group including arms, core, hips, glutes, legs, and thighs.  

Tone your entire body with a 30-60 minute yoga workout as a low impact exercise program increasing the full range of motion in joints building lean muscles, burning off unwanted fat.

Combining aerobic activities and strength training for weight loss is very effective when performed 3 times per week according to your specific fitness level. Stretching helps the body relax while rejuvenating muscle groups. Enhance a yoga workout extending the length of time each stretch is held moving from one pose to the next building up endurance.

Stretching with yoga energizes the body to perform daily activities at peak performance increasing calorie burn for losing weight safely and effectively.

Stretch With Yoga Burn
Yoga Burn starts by toning and sculpting lean muscles while boosting your metabolism to burn more fat.  

Advanced and beginner levels will enjoy the full benefit of the training program.  Have fun while practicing a series of sequences designed to totally transform your body helping you lose weight.

Key features focus on allowing you to slowly progress to the next phase of exercising at your own pace safely and effectively.  Burn off more calories effectively using the Yoga Burn video program.

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New Years Resolutions Fantastic Strategies for Living Well

Strategies For Keeping New Year Resolutions
New Year's resolutions are typically made at the beginning of the year to asses personal and financial goals. As 2019 begins billions of people around the world optimistically celebrate the start of the New Year.

Typically the most common ambitions for setting new goals are health related with the intention of changing lifestyle choices in diet and physical fitness.  

Americans across the United States traditionally prioritize setting new goals at the beginning of the new year however studies indicate 92% of New Years Resolutions fail within the first two weeks due to lack of motivation and focus.  

Fortunately, Goal Buddy app offers the support needed to achieve success defining important goals that may lead to new personal directions.

Achieve your resolutions following expert advice creating a clear plan of action listing small attainable goals on a realistic scheduled time.  Create a well organized environment conducive to succeeding with personal desires you want to achieve.

Focus on one primary goal at a time setting the intention of accomplishing goals for personal improvement.  Chart progress using a notebook or word program or Goal Buddy app designed to get results through setting goals, motivation and manage tasks.  Live life on your terms building new habits to fulfill accomplishments for New Year's resolutions.
New You 2019 Transform Your Body
Burn Fat resistance training considered the number one weight loss strategy.  Transform your body using resistance strength training strategies in building lean muscle while enhancing your metabolic rate.  This type of physical exercise is designed to develop muscle through specialized resistance to generate muscular contractions.  Astounding results in building anaerobic endurance, strength, increase the size of skeletal muscles while burning off fat.

According to research in the United States, there were between 33 billion to 55 billion dollars spent on weight loss and diet products in 2008 including pharmaceuticals, procedures, and weight loss centers whos earning expenditure is 6-8 percent revenue. Natural methods can be used to burn off fat while building muscle to lose weight. Make New Year resolutions to transform your body using weight training exercises at home or at the gym to transform your body from fab to fit in 2019.
Diets For Losing Weight 
Weight loss diet plans are available for those who want to lose unwanted fat and improve total body health. Poor eating habits have contributed to obesity in the United States in epidemic proportions According to The US Department of Health and Human Services.  New studies indicate 33 percent of adults living in the US are obese and approximately 12.5 million children are considered obese indicators of unhealthy dietary choices.    

Fortunately there are many diets available all promising to help you lose weight and keep it off for good, however, some people find it difficult to adhere to a regimen of diet and exercise on a regular basis. Stay on track with New Year resolutions finding an easy to follow a healthy diet as part of new lifestyle choices to complement a regular exercise program to get lasting results.

FREE Complimentary Gift. Stay on track with your New Year resolutions in 2019
Diet Weight Loss Tips that includes detailed information on how to lose weight.  Discover the secrets of losing weight using the right diet and fitness program for weight loss success.  Find simple strategies you can use for lifestyle changes that will result in improved health and physical activity.

Discover great tips for starting your weight loss journey using methods that get the results you want.  Eliminating specific foods from your diet can help you lose weight while reducing your cholesterol levels and boost energy naturally.  Click Here to access your free copy while supplies last.

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New Year resolutions 2019 for diet, exercise, and good health.  Find tips, resources for creating new lifestyle changes

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Healthy Holiday Recipes Entertaining Simplified Eating Well

Celebrating Holidays Eating Well
Healthy holiday recipes can be used as part of a weight management plan to ensure recommended dietary guidelines are met while still enjoying holiday favorites.  Entertain with ease using low-calorie recipes designed to reduce sugar, and saturated fat from the diet boosting nutritional value.

Low calorie holiday recipes begin with natural organic ingredients that are low in calories yet packed with nutrients using seasonings to enhance flavors in each dish. Entertain family and friends this season while staying on track with your diet plan using healthy holiday recipes this season.

Check out the recipes below for tips and resources you can use to lower or eliminate sugar, fat, and sodium from your diet while still enjoying the foods you love to eat during the festivities.
Classic Entertaining Healthy Horderves 

Serving low calorie appetizers or horderves to guests as they arrive is an excellent way to kick off any holiday celebration.  Creating a large platter with cut fruit and fruit dip with low calorie cheese and a verity of wheat crackers before dinner is served with a beverage to complement the meal.  

Low calorie fruit dip recipe
1 12 ounces sugar free vanilla yogurt
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon sugar free strawberry jam
Add all ingredients into a bowl and stir to combine.  Chill until ready to serve. 

Healthy Holiday Recipes make entertaining a breeze using natural ingredients designed to keep calories at a minimum while still enjoying holiday favorites. Creat shrimp cocktail, deviled egg appetizers, roasted glazed chicken kabobs, side dishes including mashed cauliflower, quinoa spinach salad with pomegranate, sugar free cinnamon apple bake Full recipes collection 
Healthy Holiday Cookies
Christmas cookies recipes for holiday used during the holidays for gift giving and entertaining has been a tradition for years. Many deserts contain flour, sugar and are high in saturated fats leading to weight gain.  Fourtunitally there are great recipes using natural ingredients provide good nutritional value for anyone celebrating the holidays.

Enjoy all the different cookie recipes, perfect for your next dinner party dessert. Serve cookies with a creamy hot chocolate mocha beverage topped with coconut whipped cream and a pinch of crumbled candy cane for a festive flare.

Bake these low sugar healthy holiday recipes for a verity of cookies this  Christmas. Made with wholesome ingredients that are sure to please family and friends this holiday season. Healthy Holiday Cookie recipes. 
Sugar Free Chocolate Recipes
Sugar free chocolate treats benefit good health satisfying low calorie deserts are a cinch to make.  Control weight while still enjoying low calorie chocolate treats using nutritious ingredients for best results. 

Sugar free chocolate recipes and video tutorial below for making nutritious chocolate treats including hot mocha beverage, peanut butter cups, and chocolate bark and chocolate mocha beverage for memorable holiday celebrate Delicious!  Sugar free chocolate recipes

New Strategies Enjoy The Festivities
Healthy holidays living well using strategies to reduce stress while enjoying the festivities using diet and exercise to promote wellness.  Today Americans are searching for healthy nutritional alternatives while still enjoying the holidays.  

Fourtunitally there is delicious low calorie recipes available for healthy holidays. When celebrating aim for filling half your plate with vegetables, one serving of fruit and lean protein.  

When celebrating during the holidays use portation control for weight management keeping extra calories at bay while still enjoying the foods you love the most.

Charitable Giving Make A Difference
Holiday Charitable Gift Giving Guide supports charitable giving near at home and destinations far away.  Holiday charitable gift giving through financial support helps special interest groups proving resources to children in need.

Studies indicate 95% of individuals contribute to charities each year donating personal time or financial support giving back to society, providing for those in need.

Free Complimentary Bonus Gift 7 Day FREE trial Jillian Micheals My Fit diet and exercise program personalized app available on ios and Android. Jillian takes the guesswork out of fitness and gives you all the tools you need to succeed with her new My Fitness app providing complete meal plans and custom fitness workouts to maximize results. Click Here to join

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