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Fully Utilize Cardo Equipment To Enhance Your Health

cardo equipment

Best Cardo Equipment For Weight loss

Utilizing cardo equipment for enhanced health and weight loss is a stationary machine that simulates walking upstairs, running, walking or striding during an elliptical workout. Use stationary equipment in a home, local gym or ride a bike outside to build lean muscle and gain endurance. 

This low impact exercise is easy on the joints while giving you a mild to intense cardiovascular program.  If you want to lose extra pounds or get in shape use exercise equipment to workout. Increase your metabolism and burn fat. 

Most individuals would find it difficult to run outside for 30 to 60 minutes.  Constantly pounding the pavement will eventually hurt your joints over time. 

Using cardo machines is like walking or running on air and is totally customizable to your fitness level perfect for any age. 

Stationary bikes, Precore machines, treadmills or elliptical trainers are great for conditioning your cardiovascular system, toning and strengthening your entire body.

The benefits of using cardo equipment surpass most other exercise equipment due to its ease of use and functionally.  Tone and tighten your body by using interval cardo workout training sessions. 

If you belong to a gym find a qualified fitness instructor to properly train you on the equipment. 

Warm up before you begin any exercise program by walking or riding a stationary bike for ten minutes. When you are finished with your workout it is important to cool down by walking or riding a stationary bike for ten minutes to slow your heart rate to a normal level.  

Once you gain strength and increase stamina you will be able to extend your aerobic activities on the cardo equipment for longer durations.  Maximize calorie utilization and burn fat.

Top Cardo Equipment
Cardo Equipment can be purchased online or at your local retailer, Sears, BestBuy, Dicks Sporting Goods.  Purchasing equipment for home use can be a very convenient.  Workout on your own schedule any time of day. 

Customize Your Fitness Program 

Fully customize your workout by selecting the program you want to use for your personal level.  Follow the screen on the control panel for interval guidance.  Most cardo equipment have a built in heart monitor in the handles.  Simply grab onto the handles during your workout and comfortably monitor your heart rate. 

It is important to keep your heart rate within a certain range according to your age. This will help you stay on target and lose weight.

Most gym facilities have a heart rate chart available for fitness enthusiasts to track their progress.  While working out it is important not to over exceed your limits as you do any cardiovascular exercise. 

Burn more calories on the cardo machines just by keeping your heart rate within your specific range.  See your doctor or personal trainer for complete instructions on how to take and monitor your heart rate.  

Once you know your levels you can easily control the level of cardo workout intensity. Watch the control panel to check you status, time and level of intensity.  If you need to slow down or change the program you can adjust the level or if you want a more intense program you will have that option as well.  Listen to your body at all times and do what is right for you.

Beginners can start out with a slow stride working out for 20 minutes and as you progress you can choose a more intense workout.  Taking your time to condition your cardiovascular system and strengthening muscles will inable you to increase activity levels for an extended amount of time.

If you are at an intermediate level you can include an incline and intervals for more calorie burning.  Advanced levels may be able to train at high levels for an extended amount of time 30 – 50 minutes.

Go at your own pace and watch the pounds melt away.  Cardo equipment will allow you to properly train while not putting too much pressure on your joints.

The Cardo equipment used today elliptical machine is ergonomically designed for a workout that feels like you are walking on air.  

Totally control the stride with it’s unique floating suspension system that takes away the crank connected pedal so you can customize the stride. 

Stationary bikes now come with a reclining chair to make your riding experience more comfortable and easy to use.

cardo equipment

Ergonomic Designs in Cardo Equipment Make Exercise Easier On the Body.

New innovations and design in cardo equipment have made strides in making your fitness program much easier on your joints.  Elliptical training is done on a motionless machine which assists on those exercising simulating running, walking, or climbing hills depending on the level you choose.  

Elliptical training is much easier on your joints and still gives you a full body workout for fat loss. Choose cardo equipment that you feel comfortable on and enjoy.  Find great routines for every fitness level including interval training, cardo, walking, climbing, running and climbing hills. 

The benefits of the elliptical workout are enormous and considered one of the best fitness machines available to date. Increasing your stamina will allow you to train more over time.

Fantastic Benefits of Using Cardo Equipment

  • Relieve depression
  • Improves endurance
  • Improves stamina
  • Sleep well
  • Burns fat
  • Relieve Stress
  • Builds muscle
  • Weight Loss
  • Improve memory
  • Tone and tighten entire body
  • Improves mood 
  • Improves mobility after surgery or injury
  • Aerobic cardo capacity increases
  • Feel more alert and energetic

Use the cardo equipment 3-4 times per week 25 minutes or more to get the full benefits.  Increase your aerobic cardo capacity without over stressing your joints.  Feel more alert and build stamina to do the activities you enjoy the most.  

The increased blood flow will oxygenate you muscles giving you more energy throughout the day. 

Gain Strength and Endurance

Build strength and endurance while conditioning your cardiovascular system. Get the full benefits of a complete aerobic workout with the ease of ergonomically designed equipment.

Studies show that exercise will relieve depression, stress and improve your mood without medication.  

Adding a 30 minute walking program to your fitness routine will enhance the health benefits. It is recommended to use cardo equipment  3-4 times per week and walk 3-4 times per week.  

Train on the cardo machine one day and the next day go for a walk. Alternating your exercise program to avoid overuse of any muscle group.

Adding weight training (resistance training) 3 to 4 times per week to your fitness routine to maximize your results. Tone and tighten your entire body along with the cardo equipment for a complete body transformation.

Watch the pounds melt away as you condition your body to burn calories more effectively.

cardo equiptment

Use Cardo Equipment for Flexibility

Physical therapists often prescribe elliptical training after surgery or for rehabilitation after an injury.  The elliptical workout is fully adjustable for a custom fitness program to fit your individual needs.  

This is a form of weight barring exercise that works on ankles, legs glutes, hips, core and upper body, using the stride of repetive motion to move joints and ligaments in motion. 

Weight bearing exercises prevent bone loss, osteoporosis where bones become weak and fragile.
Stay occupied while working out on cardo equipment.  Newer machines include speakers for listening to music or audio book.  

Get motivated with your favorite tunes or use your time to learn something new with an audio book.  Some gyms even offer a tv for customers who want to watch the news or program.  Find the best method for exercising and motivation to keep your fitness routine fresh and stimulating.

Elliptical or Precore for fat burning and increasing your metabolism is one of the best fitness routines you can include in your program.  If you want to lose weight, tone and tighten your entire body this is a great place to start.  

Using the right  cardo equipment from a reputable retailor can be a bit of a challenge.  Do research online for complete details, prices and specifications if you want cardo equipment for home use. 

Joining a local gym in your area may be a good place to start giving you the training and personal support you need to succeed.  Request for personal training sessions and evaluation of fitness level, weight, body fat and muscle.  

Request a fitness program designed to fit your personal weight loss goals and track your progress as you go along with the program.  Having all the equipment at one location and a staff to answer your questions is a great way to start a fitness program.

Benefits of Joining A Local Gym Facility

  • Personal Training on  Cardo Equipment and Weight Training.
  • Most gyms offer a free or inexpensive fitness evaluation to calculate your weight, fat and muscle ratio, fitness level and set goals
  • Customize a fitness program for your personal needs
  • Set new goals every 6 -8 weeks as you progress
  • Check out the classes offered at your gym for aerobics, yoga, elliptical workouts, aqua training, cycling.
  • Support for your personal goals
  • Resistance training and building muscle 

Request information about the classes offered at the gym for aerobics, cycling, strength training, kettle ball training, kick boxing, aqua training, circuit training. 

Find classes you enjoy that will make working out an enjoyable experience for maximizing your results.

Having access to cardo equiptment stationary bike, bike, Precore, elliptical, nautilus equipment, personal training and classes is a great way to start out on your fitness program.  

Using Cardo equipment is especially effective at burning calories and losing fat. 
It is important to get a full physical from your doctor before beginning any fitness or diet 

Best Cardo Equipment For Home or Gym

Whether you are a beginner or more advance fitness enthusiast looking for advance cardo interval training you will be able to fully customize your workout.  Set your preferences on the control panel for endurance level, intensity, time and program.

Select the cardo equipment you want to use. Choose the level and program from walking, striding, running, climbing hills at an incline or interval training.  Interval training will set a program in place to go from warm up to a faster pace, slow down, increase speed, slow down to start climbing.  

This will repeat until you session is complete.  Giving your legs, hamstrings, glutes, vascular system, hips, joints and upper arm and torso a complete workout.  

Not many people can run outside for an extended amount of time, however if you train on cardo equipment you will be able to increase your aerobic indurance.  Set small goals for yourself and increase your time on cardo equiptment.  Your body will be conditioned to endure longer training sessions and you will lose weight.  

Follow a good diet and fitness program for maximum results.

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