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25 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Discover Simple Ways to Lose Weight Fast & Keep It OFF For GOOD

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Small Changes Make a Huge Impact There are a million ways to gain weight such as a sedentary lifestyle, inactivity, hormone imbalance, heart disease, medications, injuries, food addictions, binge eating, poor choices, lack of dripline, metabolic disorders to name a few.

 Losing weight and keeping it off can be achieved by making small changes that will have a huge impact on your weight and health.

1.) Get a full physical to rule out medical conditions that may contribute to weight gain.  Ask your doctor if you are physically able to participate in a fitness program and if you have any dietary restrictions.

2.) Join a local gym to build muscle strength and stability with resistance training.  Most gyms offer a full evaluation of physical abilities and weight to determine a physical fitness program specific to your needs. Work with your trainer to develop a customized fitness plan and lose weight fast.

3.) Document your progress as you lose weight starting with your current weight, set goals for weight loss and fitness improvement.  This will enable you to track your progress and see results.

4.) Drink plenty of fresh pure water to flush out fat.  Aim for 12 glasses 12 ounces of water throughout the day.

5.) Eliminate hunger pains naturally by drinking one glass of pure water with the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon first thing in the morning before eating any food.  This will definitely crush cravings for unhealthy foods and flush out fat.

6.) Walk once per day for 30-60 minutes to rev up the metabolism. 

7.) Walk uphill whenever possible to burn calories five times faster.

9.) While walking in the park try to add circuit training if you can. Squats, pushups, pullups, stretching, and balancing can be done in intervals adding more activity to your routine.     

10.) Aqua Swimming is often offered at local gyms with pools.  Training in the water is great if you are injured, overweight or just want a new activity.  

Water holds all the weight while specific exercises are done by moving arms and legs in motion.  If you have a knee, back or hip injury ask your doctor about aqua therapy to build muscle and lose weight.  

11.) Drink smoothies with fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  Try different combinations to suite your diet needs.  One blender can easily make delicious beverages that you and your family will enjoy. Lose weight fast by adding filling fiber to your diet with smoothies. 

12.) Eat fermented foods to balance gut flora and aid in digestion.  Probiotics can be purchased online or at your local store.  Eat foods like Kimchi, yogurt, soy, sourkrout for establishing good gut bacteria and maximizing calorie burn.

13.) Elliptical machines are a great way to burn calories without hurting your joints.  Each machine is fully customizable to your specific needs.  Settings can be adjusted to walk, stride, run or climb. 

 Duration is set by you to include a warm up before your routine and a cool down when you are finished.  New machines include a heart monitor in the handles for the user to monitor their heart rate.

14.) Yoga for weight loss is a great way to build muscle while gaining flexibility.  Find routines at your local gym, online and YouTube.  Workout on your own schedule by taking classes online.

15.) Kettlebell training uses metabolic training with circuits of aerobic activity to maximize the calorie burn.  Find routines online or YouTube with Jillian Michales Kettlebell Workout for Weight Loss.  

16.) Eat at home. Make freshly cooked meals with the right ingredients. Do not use boxed, canned, foods. 

Chose fresh vegetables and proteins to get the most beneficial nutrients from food. Ditch the fast foods if you can as they can contain saturated fats and high sodium levels and lose weight fast.

17.) Suppress your appetite naturally with one glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice and tomato juice. This will satisfy your hunger cravings and add more fiber to your diet.

18.) Add vegetables to your favorite recipes for more nutrition and fiber.  

19.) Eat low-calorie soups before meals.  This will leave you satisfied and less likely to overeat.

20.) Make healthy snacks such as 25 roasted nuts, one cup of yogurt, one piece of fresh fruit, cut vegetables, kale chips, turkey roll ups, 2 tablespoons of almond butter can be very satisfying,

21.) Lose weight fast with resistance training with weights is the best way to lose weight and tone your whole body. Make sure to warm up before exercising and use good posture to perform each move.

22.)  Find a fitness challenge that suits your physical level.  This may motivate you to reach fitness goals while losing weight.

23.) Learn how to cook healthy meals using fresh organic ingredients and healthy fats 3,6,9.  

24.) Use portation control as your guide when eating.  One cup or one palm full is usually the right proportion for protein, nuts, vegetables or healthy snacks. Lose weight fast by following a good diet plan, portation control and fitness program. 

25.) Eliminate sugary snacks, cakes, cookies and crackers for your diet.  Choose instead healthy choices that will help you lose weight, look and feel your best.

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