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Energizing Food You Need To Increase Metabolism and Endurance

Natural Energizing Diet For Metabolic Enhancers

Decreased energy levels can be debilitating or strenuous can cause many individuals to feel lethargic and tired.  

Finding natural ways to increase energy through dietary and fitness changes can improve health performance endurance levels.

Often people turn to stimulants to relieve fatigue as well as mental and physical stress.  The metabolic function can be increased naturally following a guideline to increase a sense of well-being. 

Causes of fatigue may include medications, poor diet, health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, weight gain, inadequate sleep, and sedentary lifestyle choices.  

If you are experiencing unusual fatigue check with your doctor for a complete physical examination to rule out physical complications. Ask your physician if you are able to follow a sensible diet including energizing foods and fitness program for improved health and energy levels.

Stimulants can create a feeling of self-confidence and exhalation giving most individuals a burst of temporary energy as they relieve drowsiness and fatigue. 

Downside of Artificial Stimulants

The downside of taking stimulants such as too much caffeine or too many energy drinks or drug stimulants will lead to a dependency, restlessness, lethargy, nervousness.  Consuming the wrong kind of stimulants for an extended period of time may actually cause complications in the long run

After effects of taking stimulants may include difficulty concentrating and increased headaches.  Some individuals develop a tolerance to some stimulants then increase dosage strength often leading to addictions and toxicity.  

Taken for long periods of time even natural stimulants can lead the body to unnecessary exhaustion. 

Herbalists have shown specific energizing foods, herbs to be more effective when taken properly to increase endurance levels. 

Striking Balance With Natural Stimulants

There are great advantages to taking natural stimulants compared to consuming chemically produced stimulants. Striking a balance using gentle natural stimulants can fully customize based on individual needs to prevent organ exhaustion or depletion.  

Natural remedies fall under a classification for the nervous system stimulants, adaptogens, and metabolic enhancers.


How Stimulants Work In the Body
Stimulants affect the nervous system cerebral cortex and the medulla of the brain. Most contain naturally occurring compounds caffeine, free form amino acids, and ephedrine medication often used as a stimulant or treatment for high blood pressure.

These stimulants generally promote alertness improved cognitive thought processes and also act as a respiratory stimulant.

Regulators such as Adaptogens help the body maintain vitality and handle stress levels. Rich nutrients of germanium provide strengthening of the immune system.  Responsible for acting as the bodies overall immune function with broad spectrum activity.

In herbal medicine, far-reaching claims of use adaptogens are used to enhance well-being, libido, and longevity.  They promote recovery from illness by using sarcastically with a combination of specific tonic herbs responsible for building strength in the body using energizing foods for good health.

Adaptogens Herbs Used as Stimulants
The concept of using adaptogens for improved health as medicine to help the body cope with stress similar to many common remedies in Chinese medicine still used today. 

 Research all herbs before consuming and always speak with your doctor before using herbal remedies in combination with medications to avoid serious side effects.

Find good quality herbs in your local supermarket, health food store or Asian market in fresh, dried, teas or supplement form.

Adaptogen Herb List
American Ginseng 
Shitake Mushroom (cooked)
Siberian Ginseng
Rhodia tea
Reishi mushrooms (cooked)
Holly Basil
Asin Ginseng
Dang Shen

Adaptogens are particularly useful in restoring the endocrine system, muscle, hepatic system and digestive system.  They are used for long-term revitalization of the bodies health rather than immediate energy.

Metabolic Enhancers Improve Endurance

Metabolic enhancers improve the ongoing performance of biological pathways by providing cofactors and catalysts for the bodies system support.  They do not deplete or over stress the body leading to increased energy levels.  

B Complex These substances include B-vitamin complex, tissue oxygenators like Dimethyl-Glycine B-15 play an important role in the metabolism.  

Find B vitamins occurring naturally in fresh unprocessed foods, turkey, tuna, liver, legumes, beans, whole grains, potatoes, bananas, chile peppers, tempeh, nutritional yeast, molasses, and brewer's yeast.

DMG- Dimethyl-Glycine

DMG-Dimethyl- Glycine is commonly known as B-15 a powerful anti-oxidant and energy stimulant.  Used Successfully to treat conditions such as alcohol addiction, curb cravings for alcohol. Studies show DMG is highly recognized as a stimulant and energizer used as a conversion of amino acid into glycine.  

Best food sources for getting more B-15 in your daily diet are whole grains, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, brewers yeast, apricot kernels, and sunflower seeds.  Use portion control when consuming these foods for added energy and endurance.

Fat metabolizes Carnitine are electron transporters and electron transporters such as CoQ participates in aerobic cellular respiration in the body.  This leads increased energy through ATP.  

Studies show 95% of the bodies energy is generated this way, therefore, the organs energy requirements are the heart, kidney, the liver also has the highest concentrations of Co Q 10 co factors within the organ.

CoQ 10 an essential catalyst in the family of co-enzymes responsible for cellular energy within the body providing needed energy for daily activities. 

CoQ 10 declines with age, however, supplementing with CoQ 10 vitamins or consuming foods red peppers and broccoli will increase levels needed for energy production. 

Consuming oats has long-term metabolic stimulant properties helping the bodies chemistry balance making it easier for those suffering from addictions to quit using recreational drugs, and smoking.  Use an oat extract for best results as a gland restorative measure.

 Common cereal oat has been eaten for over 3,000 years.  Various parts of the plant such as the oatstraw and young seeds have potent nervine and nutritional qualities.  

This is a favorite among herbalists for the restoration of glands.  This plant is highly valued for promoting balance with the feeling of calm in a week and stressed out individuals.  

The Central nervous system referred to (CNS) stimulants responsible for affecting the brain, cerebral cortex, and medulla. 

Ephedra  Long lasting CNS stimulant calms the mind as it stimulants the body.  Contains compounds ephedrine and pseudoephedrine acts as an energy boosting tonic to restore vitality while strengthening the body.

Excellent for improving mental energy alertness during meditation or taking a long test.  Ephedra is also used in weight loss products or as a decongestant bronchodilator for respiratory problems.  

Used in weight loss formals for its ability to increase the metabolism in the body.  It is a cardiac stimulant and should be used with caution by anyone with high blood pressure.

Gain more energy throughout the day adding whole foods to your diet along with daily exercise or 30-minute brisk walk. 

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