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Healthy Easter Candy Recipes- Delicious Treats


Best Healthy Easter Candy Recipes
Healthy Easter candy recipes are a cinch to prepare in advance for family and friends who want to stay on track with their diet while still enjoying their favorite treats.

Chocolate Cherry Toppers
These mini chocolate treats can be made from fresh frozen, canned, or bottled pitted cherries.   Fresh cherries are naturally sweet and low in calories at only 45-50 calories each and can be dipped in chocolate for a fantastic treat.

Fresh cherries are not always available in the produce section as cherries are a seasonal fruit.  Cherries are usually found dried, frozen, bottled or canned.  Look for sugar-free pitted verities when choosing your ingredients to save on calories for these healthy Easter candy recipes.  

Marchio cherries can be used however they are packed in sugar water adding additional calories that you may not want.  Fresh frozen or dried pitted cherries work well in this recipe.

1 pound of cherries, pitted, fresh, frozen or dried
16 ounces of baking chocolate chopped ( sugar -free) or any low sugar chocolate you prefer.
2 tablespoon of sugar-free maple syrup 
3 tablespoons of coconut oil
2 tablespoons of powdered chocolate.

If you do find fresh cherries leave the stems on wash and remove the pit before preparation. Simply cut a small incision on the bottom of the cherry, then remove the pit with a small knife or potato peeler.

1.) Dry each piece of fruit on a clean paper towel.

2.) Add 2 cups of water to a saucepan.  Bring the water to a simmer.

3.) Add the chocolate and coconut oil to a glass or stainless steel bowl and place the bowl over the saucepan to create a double boiler to melt the chocolate.

4.) Gently stir the chocolate until melted.

5.)  At this point, you can stir in 1-2 tablespoons of sugar-free maple syrup for sweetness if desired.

6.) Dip each cherry into the chocolate to cover.

7.) Place the chocolate covered cherry on a sheet pan sprayed with non-stick spray on place cherries on a cookie sheet lined with a silicone mat.

8.) Sprinkel powdered cocoa chocolate on top of the cherries while the chocolate is still wet.

9.) Place the cherries in the freezer or refrigerator to set and a chocolate to harden for 1 hour.

Serve this delicious treat in paper cups or fresh white organic roses that are food friendly.

Ask your florist if they have white roses that have not been sprayed with chemicals for preserving.

Hollow out the center of the rose and place the chocolate covered cherry in the center. White silk flowers can also be used. This makes a beautiful presentation on a buffet table.

3 Healthy Easter Treats
Kids will enjoy these low sugar healthy easter candy treats made with the best ingredients.  make these recipes with the children using candy silicone molds found at your local art and craft store.  

Wrap the candy in individual wrappers, small candy boxes or cellophane bags tied with colorful ribbon.  Perfect for gift giving or easter baskets.

Staying On Track Diet Recipes
Most recipes can be modified by swapping out sugar and replacing the sweetened with maple syrup or sugar-free maple syrup to save on calories. 

Coconut oil can be used in recipes and is naturally high in saturated fats.  Saturaturated fats not only increase healthy cholesterol known as HDL in your body, it also helps to convert the bad cholesterol LDL into good cholesterol.  

Help establish good HDL cholesterol levels in your body by using coconut oil in recipes to promote good heart health and lower your risk of heart disease.  Coconut oil can be found in most supermarkets along with the other oils and online.

Using wholesome organic ingredients that are low in sugar will help your body lose weight while still enjoying the foods you love the most in moderation. Using healthy Easter Candy recipes will promote overall good health.

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Almond Butter Chrispy Easter Nests
This is a nutritious low sugar treat that is sure to please this Easter.  Easy to make and assemble for a quick fix.  

Ingredients For Nests
2 cups rice crispy cereal
1 cup corn flakes
1/2 teaspoon good vanilla extract
11/2 cups almond butter
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
1 cup sugar-free chocolate chips
3 tablespoons sugar-free maple syrup for sweetener or use 3 tablespoons of honey if desired


1.)  Add the almond butter, coconut oil and sugar-free maple syrup to a saucepan.  Heat the mixture on low until the almond butter has melted gently stirring the ingredients to prevent burning. Once the almond butter has melted remove it from the heat.

2.) Add the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl, rice crispies, corn flakes, sugar-free chocolate chips and toss to combine.

3.) Add the almond butter to the dry ingredients and mix to combine.

4.) Place 17 paper cups in a cupcake pan

5.) Spray your hands with non-stick spray to prevent the mixture from sticking to your hands.

6.) Add about 2 tablespoons of the mixture into the cupcake liners.  Press the mixture up the sides of the paper creating a hollow center, nest shape. 

7.) Allow the mixture to cool and set in the freezer for 1 hour.

Coconut Nesting Centers
The center of these treats is made with coconut flakes and food coloring.  Coconut can be purchased sugar-free or with sugar added.  If you are trying to lose weight opt for the sugar-free coconut found in the baking isle of your supper market.  

Use sugar-free ingredients whenever possible when creating healthy Easter Candy recipes.

1 cup of sugar-free dyed coconut
2 drops of food coloring of choice.
Candy supply stores also offer food coloring powder that can be used instead of food coloring.
Use a pinch of powdered food coloring to achieve good results.

1.) Add 1 Cup of dried coconut flakes to a plastic resealable bag.

2.) Add 2 drops of food coloring of choice, or one pinch of food coloring powder. Color of choice.

3.) Seal the plastic bag and toss the ingredients until the coloring has coated the coconut flakes.

4.) Sprinkel the coconut into the center of each nest.

5.) Add sugar-free Jorden Almonds to each nest.  
Sugar-free Jorden Almonds can be purchased online at

This is a great treat to make with the kids and is perfect healthy easter candy treat.


Healthy Chocolate Bark With Nuts 
Making your candy treats is a great way to control the ingredients in recipes.  Choosing to incorporate less sugar will help to eliminate extra calories and gaining weight.

This recipe can have many variations to include nuts you prefer or add dried fruit for more flavor and natural sweetness.

4 tablespoon of sugar-free maple syrup 
3 cups baking dark chocolate chopped
3 tablespoons of coconut oil
1 cup of desired nuts of choice toasted and chopped. Salt free
Choose from almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews.

Instructions For Toasting Nuts
1.)Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.  
2.) Place the nuts on a cookie spread evenly. 
3.) place the nuts in the oven for 20-25 minutes until toasted.

Instructions For Melting the Chocolate
1.) Add two cups of water to a large saucepan and bring the water up to a simmer.

2.) Add the chocolate and coconut oil to a large glass or stainless- steel bowl.  Place the bowl over the simmering water to create a double-boiler to melt the chocolate without burning.  Stir constantly until smooth.

3.) Add the sugar-free maple syrup for sweetness.

4.) Add toasted nuts of choice to the melted chocolate and combine.

5.) Add dried fruit if desired 1/2 cup (Optional)
Dried fruits are a natural sweetener including raisins, dried pears, dried apricots, dried apples. dried figs.  Dried fruits can be purchased at your local grocery store. 

Use a combination of toasted nuts and dried fruits of your choice.

6.) Once the ingredients are combined spread the chocolate mixture out on a cookie sheet sprayed with a non-stick spray and spread out evenly.

7.) Place the cookie sheet in the freezer until the chocolate has set 30-45 minutes.

8.) break the chocolate apart into pieces and store in cellophane bags tied with ribbon.  Purchase cellophane bags at any local art and craft supplier or online.  

This healthy easter candy will be perfect in baskets or as a treat any time of the week. Modify this recipe to include the fruits and nuts you enjoy the most while eliminating the sugar.  

Tips For Creating Healthy Easter Treats

  • Use organic ingredients
  • Toast and chop nuts for recipes
  • Use organic coconut oil
  • Eliminate sugar
  • Use sugar-free maple syrup or pure maple syrup for sweetener
  • Create low sugar treats for holidays
  • Use candy molds for making festive candy.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
This is favorite low-calorie healthy easter candy recipe for those who want to stay on track with their diet while watching their weight.

Use fresh or frozen strawberries for this recipe.

15-20 strawberries
3 cups dark baking chocolate chopped (sugar-free)
3 tablespoon of coconut oil
1 cup white chocolate for topping
3 tablespoons of sugar-free maple syrup

1.) Wash strawberries and pat dry.

2.) Add 2 cups of water to a saucepan and bring to a simmer

3.) add the chocolate and coconut oil to a glass or stainless steel bowl and place the bowl over the saucepan to create a double boiler.  Stir the chocolate until melted. Add the maple syrup for sweetness and combine ingredients.

4.) Turn the heat off to prevent burning.

5.) Hold the strawberry by the top stem.  Dip the strawberry into the chocolate to coat leaving the top of the fruit exposed.

6.) Place each chocolate covered strawberry on a cookie sheet lined with a silicone mat to set.

7.) Place the cookie sheet pan with strawberries into the freezer to set for one hour.

Instructions For White Chocolate Drizzle
Find sugar-free white and dark chocolate online or at a local store near you.
Create a double boiler to melt the white chocolate. 
1.) Use the same saucepan that was used to melt the dark chocolate.  More water may need to be added.  Bring the water up to a simmer.

2.) Add the white chocolate to a glass or stainless steel bowl.  Place the bowl over the simmering water to melt the white chocolate.  Stir constantly until smooth.

3.) Remove the strawberries from the freezer after the chocolate set.  Take a fork and dip it into the melted white chocolate.  Drizzle the white chocolate over the strawberries.

4.) Place the strawberries back into the freezer to allow the chocolate to set completely 30-60 minutes.

Enjoy this healthy Easter Candy treat as a dessert or snack.

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