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10 Indigestion Symptoms Natural Remedies and Relief

Seven Reasons why Indigestion Is Common
Indigestion can be caused by several factors leading to poor food assimilation and chronic pain.  Good food digestion is at the heart of health.

When digestion is not optimal problems go beyond the usual symptoms of pain, bloating and gas.  

Energy is reduced constipation results as metabolic byproducts are not properly eliminated and as a result diarrhea, fatigue, allergic reactions can occur.

In chronic indigestion, the immune system suffers leading to viral infections, candidiasis, and chronic fatigue. 

Common symptoms include burning pain, gnawing, in the abdominal area directly after consuming food resulting in excess gas, poor food assimilation, and absorption of nutrients.

Causes of Abdominal Pain In Stomach Area
Common Causes include poor food combinations, spicy foods, and eating too many refined sugary treats and drinks. 

 Allergies to wheat and dairy sugar, overeating, candida overgrowth, or an enzyme deficiency, too much caffeine, too much soda or acid forming foods, diverticulitis, HCI deficiency, or vegetable protein deficiency can cause indigestion painRemedies

Sudden Unexpected Heartburn Can Be Serious
Unexpected indigestion can be caused by a cardiac precursor to a heart attack.  If you were never bothered by a specific food before and suddenly experienced indigestion you may want to call 911 and get a full evaluation.  

Espicially if you are over 65, at high risk and have high cholesterol.  A sudden change in pain or digestion may indicate a serious problem.  

Tip For Relieving Indigestion Fast

  • Chew Food slowly to avoid digestion complications. 
  • Exercise once per day or regularly to avoid stress
  • Avoid overeating.  Eat small meals in the right proportion.
  • Use natural enzymes, papa and pineapple natural enzymes for abdominal discomfort.
  • Visit your doctor as abdominal pain can be caused by a serious problem
  • Avoid overuse of antacids as they may cause acid to reflux back into the esophagus.
According to two Britain National Health Service (NHS) is needlessly spending 100 million per year on drugs for indigestion relief. 

Taking antiacids may be linked to osteoporosis and over a period of time may be prone to fractures in the back, hips, wrists and thighs.

Using natural enzymes papa or pinapple for indigestion dose not have side effects and is considered a safe alturnitive to medications.

Habbits For Preventing Indigestion
Indigestion is that uncomfortable feeling you get when you have eated too much.  Resulting in stomach upset, bloting and gas.

Preventing these complimications from begining in the first place is a good place to start.  Plan meals in advance to include fresh organic ingredients.

Use portion contol to aviod overeating.  Aim for 1500 calories if you are trying to lose weight.

Chew food slowlly and throughlly to promote good digestion and food assimilation.

Do not take pain killers on a empty stomach such as NSAD or asprin as they may irrate the stomach linning.  If you ahve to take pain medications it is advised to drink one full glass of pure water before taking medicine.

Natural Remedies For Good Digestion
If you are suffering from stomach pain always consult your primary doctor for a physical to rule out any physical problems.

Most of the time a natural remedy will help reduce abdominal discomfort by using enzyme therapy. 

Enzymes are highly specialized protein molecules that act as catalyst enhancing the rate of chemical reactions in the body.   

They possess both biological and chemical properties that are responsible for every function in the body.  

Without enzymes, we could not digest food, breathe or even move a muscle.

There are three categories for enzymes including our own digestive enzymes which assimilate fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in the body.

Metabolic enzymes which runs the body process to repair damage, decay and heal disease.

Enzymes in raw foods start the digestion process and aid the body in the food assimilation process.   

Digestion enzymes in humans are stronger than any of the bodies other enzymes and more concentrated than any other form in nature.

If you are suffering from indigestion most individuals will take an anti-acid for relief and only mask the problem.

Papa Natural Enzymes Aid In Digestion
Natural enzymes found in papa can break down food and aid in digestion.  Papa enzyme supplements can be purchased online, drugstores, health food store.  

This can relieve stomach upset in 5 minutes or less and can be given to children, pets, and adults who are suffering from discomfort.

Fresh papa also works well and has no side effects.

Enzyme therapy has evolved in recent years as individuals are taking control of their health decisions and turning to drug-free options for treatment.   

Other treatments used by chiropractors and naturopaths now use enzyme- containing medications to clean wounds, dissolve blood clots, and control allergies and heal sore muscles.

The significant process of enzymes is the metabolic process of food assimilation in the stomach.  

Digestion is the enzymatic process mechanically breaking down food and converting it for absorption by the body.  

Ginger Effective in Digestion and Pain Relief
Ginger has have been used for centuries first's healling properties including reducing pain and inflammation, warming circulatory stimulate, and is a body cleansing herb with effectiveness in relieving cramping, indigestion, nausea, sinusitis, coughing and sore throat.

Ginger is a root herb and can be purchased in most local grocery stores or in supplement form or tea. 

Tea is a great way to ease indegestion and other health ailments.  Choose blends spicifically created for upset stomach relief.  

Use ginger in recipes, or tea to aid in indigestion and help relieve stomach upset.  If you are taking any medications check with your doctor before using ginger.

Food Therapy For Proper Digestion
Indigestion can be caused for many reasons including medication that causes stomach upset, viral infections or even an intolerance or allergies to foods.

Make sure you are eating an alkalizing diet with plenty of cultured foods including yogurt, miso soup, Keifer, high fiber foods, whole grains, brown rice, fresh vegetables, fruits and enzyme rich foods like pineapple, and papa that aid in digestion.  

This should aid with indigestion problems naturally without the use of medication or harmful sideeffects.
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